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anything but normal

design forward, contemporary, urban, inclusive placemaking

The Tekton Collection of developments is based around these guiding design principles:

o    Phenomenal design must also be livable
o    Density is key, but must be consciously scaled
o    Development doesn’t have to be big to be great

o    Unique projects make unique neighborhoods and create unique value


not the average  values

tekton brings our values to life within our developments

Responsible Financial Stewardship

We manage resources with prudence, accountability, and a long-term perspective. It goes beyond simply maximizing profits and focuses on using resources efficiently and ethically while considering the impact on stakeholders. Ultimately, this rigor ensures the long-term viability of our projects, community, and capital.

Mixed-Income Housing

We develop and preserve high-quality, mixed-income rental housing that allows families and individuals to have pride in their home and to live with dignity and stability. We utilize innovative financing strategies, to ensure long-term rent affordability and to empower our residents.

Community Development

We go beyond bricks and mortar, collaborating with community organizations and residents to revitalize underserved neighborhoods. We develop in projects that create essential housing on infill and brownfield housing sites, while also fostering job creation and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Sustainable Development

We are committed to environmentally responsible practices. We prioritize the development of sustainable with energy-efficient features, utilize recycled materials, and incorporate renewable energy sources whenever feasible, aiming to minimize our environmental footprint and contribute to a healthier planet.

Accessibly Inclusive Design

We believe in creating spaces that are accessible and welcoming to everyone. We incorporate universal design principles in our projects, ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities, and prioritize features to foster inclusivity.

Equitable Development

As communities experience revitalization and development, we recognize the importance of protecting existing residents. Displacement within our developments is unacceptable and unnecessary. We work with community stakeholders to develop strategies that mitigate displacement and offer tenant protections. We also strive to include affordable and workforce housing opportunities within our market-rate developments.

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