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not the average development firm

tekton developers are devoted to community

Tekton breathes life into the heart of urban landscapes through the art of thoughtful placemaking. We weave together more than just bricks and mortar; we extend beyond the mere construction of physical structures, weaving together the threads of human experience by using the power of human-centric design to spark vibrant connections and cultivate fertile ground for collaboration. By meticulously considering the needs and desires of the individuals who inhabit these spaces, Tekton aspires to be the invisible hand, thoughtfully shaping the urban landscape to become a canvas for connection and co-creation. In essence, Tekton is not merely a builder of walls, but a sculptor of vibrant communities, wherein the very essence of human connection flourishes.


tektōn (τέκτων): noun

a common term for an artisan or craftsman, in particular a carpenter, woodworker, or builder as derived from the root tetḱ-, which means to carve, to chisel, or to mold.


CREATIVE in structure and implementation

COMMITTED with vision for the long-term

CONTINUOUS in adaptation to change

Abstract Painting

not the average outcomes

tekton developers are resolute in pursuit of impact

Tekton is a mission-driven development company transforming communities through impactful development. We build not just buildings, but stronger, more equitable spaces that are the cornerstone of thriving cities. Tekton prioritizes projects that contain market, workforce, & affordable housing options along with green sustainable development patterns and materials.  With a focus on vibrancy grown through the built environment, and  a focus on projects located in underserved neighborhoods, Tekton goes beyond bricks and mortar... Tekton delivers impact.

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our work in the urban landscape

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Horizontal Multifamily Apartment Rentals


Multifamily For-Sale Condominiums


Multifamily For-Sale Condominiums

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not the average performace

tekton developers are committed to excellence

Tekton Development specializes in developing multifamily and mixed-use housing projects that deliver strong fiscal performance in both both rental and for-sale structures. The Tekton Development team offers significant multifamily investment and development experience with its principal having deployed over $100 million in multifamily, land, and mixed-use developments since 2000 and having developed projects across multiple states including North Carolina, Georgia, and Michigan.


Tekton has strong project experience in structured finance equity and debt. The firm is experienced in layered finance structures utilizing both federal and state development subsidies and abatements including historical tax credits, Brownfield TIF districts, Michigan CRP, New Markets Tax Credits, PILOTS, and others. These economic development tools are designed to reduce risk and to create feasibility with projects that otherwise might be infeasible.

By combining our expertise in real estate development, our unique knowledge of fiscal structuring, and our deep commitment to social and environmental impact, Tekton Development strives to create positive change and positive outcomes in every project... one project at a time.

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Project Pipeline Spotlight

Upcoming Development: Huron Street Residences

The project is an infill multifamily redevelopment project on just over ¾ acre of land within the historic North Corktown neighborhood. The project is a horizontal multifamily rental community in the shadow of the Michigan Central Depot. Groundbreaking will commence in the fall of 2024.

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